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Grades 10-12

Classical Languages

Seniors complete their study of Latin grammar and begin reading Latin authors. Students undertake close reading and analysis of texts by Livy, Virgil, and other classical authors, as well as medieval works. Seniors also bring their knowledge of Latin and Greek to the Humanities Seminar where works read in translation may be examined in the original to aid in appreciation of their literary and rhetorical qualities.

In addition to class work, all students participate in the monthly Declamationes, a school-wide assembly. Here students recite memorized works, perform skits, and share class achievements—sometimes in Latin. Our Schola also performs many works in Latin, including Gregorian chant and sacred and secular polyphony.

Likewise, the goal of Greek study is to bring students to reading original works in Greek, including the New Testament, prose, poetry, and drama.


Geometry and algebra are offered in alternating years for 10th graders. In their last two years at the Academy, students take courses in advanced algebra, statistics, and calculus.

Trivium Studies: Logic and Rhetoric

Upper School Seniors build on their 9th grade composition class with courses in Informal Logic, Formal Logic, and Classical Rhetoric. The fruits of these studies carry over into student writing and speaking in the Humanities Seminar, and indeed, in all of their work. Rhetoric students present a topical oration to the whole school, based on classical models.

Senior Humanities Seminar

Our integrated Humanities Seminar lies at the heart of the Upper School curriculum. The discussion-based Seminar allows students to hone their skills in close reading, critical thinking, and speaking, all in a safe and cooperative environment. The Seminar brings together readings from a range of disciplines - history, literature, civics, theology, philosophy, and economics - and from a particular historical period (Ancients, Medieval and Early Modern, or Modern).

Natural Sciences

Students undertake a serious and methodical approach to their studies in the natural sciences. The integrated course of studies encompasses earth and space science, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and the history of science. This varied yet thorough introduction to the natural sciences will prepare interested students for further study at the college level and will encourage in all the students that scientific literacy which is so important in today’s science-minded world. At the same time, the program seeks to place the natural sciences in the context of broader philosophical concerns.

Fine and Performing Arts

In recognition of the role that the study and practice of the arts plays in the formation of the human person, we integrate the arts into our curriculum as a "full partner" with our academic and athletic programs. Our visual arts program integrates art history, appreciation, and practice in the tradition of the atelier, in which students learn by studying and imitating the techniques of the masters. Our music program balances theory, appreciation, and performance. All students study music theory and music history and also participate in our Schola Cantorum or choir. Our theater program brings to life works studied in Humanities and encourages excellence, teamwork, confidence, and focus. Seniors take courses in all three arts weekly, and teachers from the Arts department also participate in the Humanities Seminar.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education classes help students establish the lifelong habit of healthy physical activity while teaching sportsmanship and teamwork. Upper School students participate in fun, challenging individual and team sports in an encouraging and positive environment. Students are also encouraged to participate in our afterschool athletics program.