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The Drama Program PDF Print E-mail

NECA offers classes in drama for grades 1-12 as well as after school activities through the Drama Club. 




New England Classical Academy

The mission of the drama curriculum is not just about acting, but to develop imagination, to learn how to speak with intent and emotion, to move with confidence, agility and skill and most of all to learn about our humanity through great stories, real and fictional. From the earliest plays of Greece,   through contemporary works, grades one through twelve explore different styles and history of drama and music.  

In class, students play games and engage in creative drama, learning improvisational skills and developing confidence and imagination.   Singing songs from musicals, classical works and folk songs helps develop projection, diction and emotional expression as well as providing them with a connection to the larger world of song and the pleasure of singing “in harmony.”   Acting work develops memorization skills, and much more importantly, develops physical expression and empathy of characters from all points in history.

The goal is not to produce accomplished actors but to develop their innate skills as human storytellers, so that they may stand up and speak with clear intent, appropriate emotion and physical confidence and skill.