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A. Philosophy of Education

Our philosophy of education rests on these foundational premises:

  1. that human beings are made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26) and therefore possess the innate capacity to know and love both their Creator and the fellow creatures,
  2. that, in the words of Aristotle, "all men by nature desire to know" (Metaphysics) and
  3. that truth, beauty, and goodness are objective, and therefore knowable, realities.

Without these three foundational principles – the ability and the desire to know – no education is possible.

As educators, we accept as axiomatic the ancient view that the purpose of education is first and foremost moral, not utilitarian. We do not educate to create more efficient workers or more satisfied consumers, but freer—and better—persons.

B. Libertas per Veritatem et Pulchritudinem

Our motto, Freedom through Truth and Beauty, expresses our belief that it is in and through our encounter with the Truth and with Beauty that we will be made free. Liberal education is precisely that education that frees man to be fully human. The Academy's students, through their studies of the greatest artistic masterpieces, will be formed in a proper appreciation of beauty and will be able to recognize its true marks in all the arts.

C. A School "in the Catholic Tradition"

The Academy carries on the tradition of classical education as preserved and furthered by the Catholic Church.

It is the policy of the Academy Board not to limit the student body to practicing Roman Catholics. We ask all students to show appropriate respect for each other's beliefs. No student is required to undertake religious practices or make a profession of faith to which his or her conscience cannot give free assent.