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A. Attendance

Attendance at school is mandated by State law for all registered students and is a sign of the student’s personal responsibility. Perfect attendance is the expectation and is important for academic progress. The habits of dependability and punctuality will serve the student well in school and in adult life.

B. Absence

When a child is ill or an emergency necessitates absence, parents should call or email the Academy office or their homeroom teacher before 8:15 a.m. each day of absence and leave a message including the student’s name, the reason for absence, and a contact phone number. Upon return to school, the student must bring a signed note from the parent to the office stating the date(s) of and reason for absence.   

The Academy discourages students from missing class for family vacations or for medical or dental appointments, etc. that could be made after school hours.

C. Missed Assignments

Student assignments are posted each day on our online message boards. Students and their parents are responsible for checking the message boards for missed assignments. If this is not possible, the family is responsible for contacting the student's teacher or a classmate for information.

The student is responsible for making up all class work and assignments missed due to absence. Normally, upon return to school after illness, the student has the same number of days to make up work and turn in assignments as he was absent. Teachers should not be expected to provide assignments in advance for students whose families choose to take them out of school for vacations or other non-essential activities.

D. Tardiness

Students are expected to be in the building, in their seats, and ready to work at 8:30 a.m. Habitual tardiness causes serious disruption to the learning environment and inconvenience to teachers and fellow students. Parents are strongly urged to make every effort to see that their children are at school on time every day. Chronic tardiness may be cause for disciplinary action.

E. Early Dismissal or Partial Absence

When an early dismissal or absence for part of the day is necessary, a note must be turned in to the office by the start of the school day. The note should contain the student’s name, the date and time of the dismissal from class, the reason for the dismissal, and the parent’s signature. The note must also include the name of the person picking up the student if it is someone other than the parents or pre-arranged car-pool driver. The student must inform the teachers of the early dismissal that day. The parent must come into the office to sign the student out; the student must sign in upon return.

F. Snow Days and School Closings

At times it may be necessary to delay our opening or cancel classes due to inclement weather. Announcement of school closures will be made on the front page of the school web site and on local radio stations. The Academy will close if the Claremont public schools close due to severe weather.

G. Dress Code

A copy of the Academy's current dress code and uniform requirements may be viewed on and printed from the web site. The dress code is strictly enforced, and repeated infractions may be subject to disciplinary action.

H. Use of Telephones

Student use of school telephones is, of necessity, limited only to emergencies. Schoolwork left at home does not constitute an emergency. Phone messages cannot be delivered to students in class except in the gravest of emergencies. Every effort will be made to relay non-emergency but important messages (e.g., transportation changes) to students before dismissal but this cannot be guaranteed.

Students may not send or receive mobile phone calls or text messages in the classroom. Students found using mobile phones at school will have the phone confiscated until the end of the day. Emergency calls must be placed from the office.

I. Health Policies

1. Immunizations

A copy of up-to-date immunizations is required by the State to be kept on file for every student. In addition, the Academy requires that every family complete an emergency information card during the first week of school. This information must be updated as soon as any changes occur.

No child shall be admitted or enrolled in any private school unless the child is immunized as required, partially immunized relative to the age of the child, or exempt from immunization. A child is exempt if a physician certifies that the immunization may be detrimental to the child’s health or a parent/guardian signs a notarized statement that the child has not been immunized because of religious beliefs. N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann 141-c:20-a, c.

2. Emergency Services

New England Classical Academy does not have an infirmary or a nurse on site. In case of a health emergency, and in the event that parents cannot be contacted immediately, the student will be transported to Valley Regional Hospital in Claremont for evaluation and treatment.

3. Medications

For the safety of all concerned and in accordance with RSA 541-A, students may not carry or keep medicines with them at school. Any student who is required to take prescription medication while in school must keep the medication in the school office. A written permission from the parent and instructions from the physician as to its administration must accompany the medication. The student will sign the medication log for each dose. All medicines must be clearly labelled with the student’s name.

4. Contagious Disease

Any member of the Academy community who is diagnosed with any communicable disease or illness that may be harmful or contagious to others will be expected to remain home until the condition is no longer a hazard. The Academy reserves the right to require a medical evaluation for any member of the Academy and may choose to send home a person who knowingly comes to school with a communicable disease. Each case will be handled individually with the well-being of the school community in mind.

5. Serious Medical Conditions

Parents are responsible for informing the Academy of any life-threatening allergies or serious medical conditions their children may have.

J. Lunches

Food and drink should be consumed in designated areas only. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and for disposing of trash properly.

K. Personal Possessions

Students are strongly discouraged from bringing valuables or large amounts of money to school. New England Classical Academy is not responsible for loss of students' personal effects. Cell phones and other electronics, except those specifically required for school work, must stay turned off and in the student's bag during school hours. If students are found using such devices, the items will be confiscated and held in the office until the end of the day.

L. Parent/Teacher Communication

New England Classical Academy acknowledges that parents are the primary educators of their children and that the school's role is to support parents in fulfilling their duty to educate their children. We see the relationship between parent and teacher as a cooperative one with the good of the child always in view. We therefore encourage frequent communication between parents and teachers. Contact information for all faculty and staff can be found on the school web site (About Us>Faculty Directory), and messages can always be left for teachers at the school office.

M. Parent-Teacher Conferences

The Academy schedules regular parent-teacher conferences, and parents should make every effort to attend these. Additional conferences may be scheduled as necessary or upon request of either teacher or parent.

Parents should be aware that teachers are required to be on duty in their classrooms 15 minutes before the beginning of the school day and so cannot make themselves available for conversation at this time. Parents can either leave a note in a teacher's mailbox requesting an in-person meeting, or phone or email the teacher.

N. Online Communication

The Academy provides email addresses for faculty and staff.  Teachers and administration communicate with parents primarily via email, so it is important that parents check for emails daily.  

O. Non-Discrimination Policy

New England Classical Academy admits students of any race, sex, color, national or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, and activities accorded or made available to students at the school. The Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational or admissions policies, financial aid programs, or other school-administered programs or activities.