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The NECA house system, for students in grades 3 and above, offers an opportunity for students to engage in community beyond their class groups.   Students have embraced the concept and are now enjoying it.

What is a House?

The idea of “Houses” originated in British public schools.  It referred, as the name implies, to a group of students who shared a dormitory.  However, just as the term “household” is more about a group of people than a piece of real estate, so the idea of a house within a school is more about a group of students than a physical building.  Thus, even though NECA has no dormitories, there is much to glean from intentionally grouping students.

Why is NECA implementing Houses?

A house is an intentional, cohesive, inter-class grouping of students. Its primary goal is to foster relationships that transcend grades and academics, allowing students to be better cared for and to better care for others.  The house system includes competitive elements, but competition is not the primary goal.  The focus is upon shepherding, service, and community.

Points System

Houses compete for the honor of “House of the Year.”  Points are reported to and tallied by the Headmaster, and posted on a bi-weekly basis.  Houses can receive special privileges which could include free dress down day, occasional priority treatment, etc. 

Houses 2018/19:

Galileo Galilei

Prefect: Margie Cottrill

Color: Grey and Maroon

John Paul II

Prefect: Zack Fagan

Color: White and Black

Leonardo Da Vinci

Prefect: Maya Lindberg

Color: Red

Maximilian Kolbe

Prefect: Jessica Cota

Color: Purple